A style for eachmood

Trying to follow the evolution of the market and its globalization, from 1992 Nocese starts to re-thinkits production line constantly evolving and improvingits "leanmethod". Every step is perfectlyc onnected to the otherone, creating a circular production system, that ensure quality control, precise delivery time, and four different mens wear collections: Harry & Sons, Downtown ArtsDistrict, Oscar Corsini, AD39.

All our collections are pure made in Italy but eachone covers a different target and has a different positioning on the market: according styles, customers of reference and market positioning.

Clients are welcome in Pitti Uomo, wheretwice per year (January - June) we start the selling campaign to continue, later in our showroom in Milano zona Tortona and Shanghai Xin Tian Di district.

Thanks to Internal know how and manufacture, we give to our customer the possibility to change fits, add sartorial details, personalizing their selection, with the aim to make them happy.

Private Label

With more than seventy years of experience we can be an excellent supplier partner.

One of our internal division is completely dedicated to Private Labels customers and our portfolio is rich of well-known italian and european brands.

What makes the difference is the good balance between quality and price, always with a made in Italy label. We help all our customers to plan their own production ensuring re-assortment and seasonal deliveries.

Our masterpiece is always the Shirt, with more than 2000 pieces produced every day, five different fits and several models for the perfect satistaction of global markets.

We love long-term relations with our clients all over the world, hope fully to reach theirs expectations.


our Quality

All our products are certified and Made In Italy using only domestic raw materials.

our Contacts

Here all our references to get in touch with us.

Address: Via Le Lamie 7, 70015 NOCI
Phone: +39 080 4971574
E-Mail: headoffice@nocesemanifatture.it

Address: Via Tortona 37, 20123 MILANO
Phone: + 39 02 42297501
E-Mail: headoffice@nocesemanifatture.it