Brands' Portfolio

Nocese believes in giving customers the utmost care all the way down to smallest details. Extending our knowledge and expertise we offer all our know-how: from the design untill the distribution, ensuring a personal contact with our team.

All our brands are protected according the intelectual property rights.

Harry & Sons
Downtown Arts District

Our Services include

  • Mens wear total-look collections
  • Private label production
  • Design Support
  • Brand Sharing
  • Franchisor Support
  • Made in Italy Know How

& more ...


our Quality

All our products are certified and Made In Italy using only domestic raw materials.

our Contacts

Here all our references to get in touch with us.

Address: Via Le Lamie 7, 70015 NOCI
Phone: +39 080 4971574

Address: Via Tortona 37, 20123 MILANO
Phone: + 39 02 42297501